Welcome to navabi. The happy company.

There will always be other companies out there generating higher revenues, with bigger offices and more employees, but what makes us unique is our ambition. We want to create a truly soulful company that operates at higher level and becomes a role model for generations to come.
navabi is a network-based company without hierarchy that strives for compassion and human excellence. As a team, but also as a business, we want to enable others to express themselves: By providing an outstanding fashion assortment for our customers and an unconventional work life for our team members that is based on autonomy, purpose, and wholeness. navabi proves that a successful career and happy work life can go hand in hand. This has been our mantra from the very beginning and goes hand in hand with our cultural values:

Compassion: Friendship, love, empathy: we see every team member and our customers as a whole.

: Every navabi team member should become the best version of themselves: spiritually, emotionally and professionally.

: Life is short. We want to have fun every day!

Rebel Factor
: We dare to think big and do what makes sense even if it means breaking rules.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

  • Home Office

  • Personal Growth

  • Flat Hierarchies

  • Flexible Working Hours

  • And many, many more...

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